Real Italian Doughnuts
We are super keen on supporting schools and community organisations to help them with raising money!

Doughnut Day (Bay of Plenty)

Let us bring our food trailer to you! During the week – we can offer a special Doughnut trailer visit to your school – We can visit for the lunch hour or sporting events like cross country or athletics.

A percentage of sales is returned to the school or PTA.

School Events / Fairs

We love joining schools for their community events – fairs, galas, fireworks extravaganza’s – whatever it is our food trailer makes a great addition to the environment and helps build the market atmosphere – while providing a healthy and appealing food for kids

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Sell Doughnut Boxes as a Fundraiser to Your Community

The way it works…

  1. Choose a week to fundraise
  2. Advertise to parents and children the opportunity to buy our 200gm or 1kg frozen boxes.
  3. Collect the orders and money from children at school.
  4. Order your boxes
  5. They will be delivered to the school frozen – PTA / school to hand out
  6. An amount of the sales go back to you

Sell Small Bags of Doughnuts for Your Event

The way it works…

  1. The PTA purchases some 1kg frozen bags of our doughnuts (each bag has around 65-70 doughnuts)
  2. They will need to be defrosted the night before your event.
  3. At your event, heat the doughnuts up in an oven for about 4-5 minutes at 160C until warm.
  4. They are then lightly coated with a mix of caster sugar and cinnamon – only very lightly as they don’t need much.
  5. They keep nicely in a bain marie for a couple of hours while serving.



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